Kat Dennings is “so lucky” Anton Yelchin was her best friend

The world has been mourning the loss of Anton Yelchin, a young talent who passed away far too soon after a freak accident at age 27. J.J. Abrams, Drake Doremus, and Susan Sarandon have all made touching tributes to the Star Trek actor but it is Kat Dennings’ Instagram feed is breaking our hearts. She’s made it evident that after Anton died, she didn’t just lose a colleague — she lost a best friend.

Over the past week, Kat have been mourning her friend more than ever after posting various snapshots of the two of them together. “Best pal. I got nothing,” she wrote in the caption of one.

“I miss you so much,” she wrote in the caption of the most recent snapshot of the two of them hugging.

Anton’s funeral was last Friday, and that day, Kat posted another picture of her friend. “I’ll think about this every day for the rest of my life,” she wrote in the caption. “I’m so lucky to have had him as long as I did.”

Our hearts go out to Kat Dennings, as well as the rest of Anton’s loved ones who are struggling.

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