Kat Dennings’ latest throwback pic shows us her natural red hair color, and it’s legitimately GORGEOUS

It’s no secret that we love us some Kat Dennings. She’s wickedly funny, clearly super down-to-earth, and gives us endless nail and manicure goals. And Denning’s latest Instagram post is officially blowing our minds.

It’s a throwback picture (because hey, throwback Saturdays can definitely be a thing) that features a super young  — like, maybe three-year-old Kat — with her older brother. They’re rocking some pretty serious denim jackets (because hey, it was the early ’90s and denim jackets were/are legit), and she is entirely adorable with a huge grin on her little baby face.

But what makes the picture truly noteworthy is the color of Kat’s HAIR!

"Redhead lyfe"

That’s right. Kat Dennings is officially a GINGER!

Maybe we’re just totally out of it on this one, but we seriously had NO IDEA Kat Dennings is actually a redhead. And from the looks of it, the color was genuinely gorgeous. Like the kind of red we all WISH we achieved when we dye our hair over the kitchen sink.

And don’t get us wrong — we love Kat’s raven locks. It totally suits her and perfectly fits her personality. But we wouldn’t be MAD if she ever let us see her natural color — that’s all. Now excuse us while we go pour over more pictures of Kat.

Because, it’s the weekend.

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