Kat Dennings is giving us nail-envy yet again with her latest manicure

If you’ve been itching to paint your nails for the holiday season and truly wear a color that stands out with some major WOW-factor, Kat Dennings has the perfect nail inspo! And having been officially named (by us) the Queen of Christmas after she gave the coolest gifts to her 2 Broke Girls castmates, she’s the most appropriate person to drop a few tips. Not to mention, she’s just pretty freaking awesome all-around.

So, what do her current nails look like? Glad you asked.

They’re black and sparkly, which we admit doesn’t immediately scream HOLIDAYS…but the combination actually works super well.

We love how these nails manage to look totally festive and fun while also maintaining Denning’s signature edge (something about red or green nails just wouldn’t feel like her, ya know?). And this isn’t the first time in recent weeks she’s wowed us with her manicure. Check out this (similar, but not identical) look from last month.

Denning’s clearly is into rocking the dark nails with subtle accents lately, and we’re not complaining. And whether you’re into sparkly black nails or something more traditional, there are so many sultry shades available in the world.

Hey, you could even dip further into the creativity bucket by using a minimalistic nail design, or mirror nail polish, or some holographic chrome nail powder! That’s right, the options are endless.

And remember, if you find nail polish to be a hassle to apply, there’s always spray-on nail polish for emergencies. Yup, every base is covered! It’s safe to say that we’ll definitely be experimenting with our nails in the weeks to come, so bring on the dark and mysterious (yet playful) sparkles!

Thanks for the awesome inspo, Kat. We can always count on you to shake things up in the best possible way.