Kat Denning’s lovingly sarcastic birthday message to her mom is so Kat Dennings

It’s no secret that we love Kat Dennings. She’s smart, funny, talented, and her nail game is ON POINT. And Denning’s latest Instagram post – which happened to be a birthday message to her mom — has us laughing out loud.

Now Dennings is no stranger to the laugh-worthy social media post. She shared her hilarious Christmas gift-giving antics with us around the holidays, and never fails to share the weird or absurd things she sees throughout an average day in L.A. It’s a HUGE part of why we love her (because yes, she’s gorgeous, but making us smile is the true way to our celebrity-loving hearts).

And the fact that she’s able to combine sweet and sarcastic into one perfect message just enforces our feelings all the more.

"Thanks for not leaving me at the super market when you had the chance!"

LOL. And also, awwww.

And from the looks of these adorable photobooth pics, Denning’s mom is a lady who knows how to get goofy and appreciates the funny. And if that wasn’t enough to make you smile on this Monday, this surely will (and if it doesn’t, your heart is made of ice! Just kidding. But seriously).

Again, LOL. We could watch these “moves” all day.

At any rate, thanks for spreading the smiles, Kat (and Happy b-day to your momsss!). Now excuse us while we continue to peruse your Insta account for hours.

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