Kat Dennings just realized which member of the “Baby-Sitters Club” she’d be

If you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, chances are you were a fan of The Baby-Sitters Club. The beloved novels and movie chronicled the lives of a group of girls who formed a successful babysitting business, while living through the experience of growing up, family changes, first loves and heartbreak, and more.

The Baby-Sitters Club taught us so many life lessons, and we cherish the memories.

If you loved the series growing up, you probably also asked yourself which Baby-Sitters Club member you’re most like. Well, actress Kat Dennings is still thinking about it, and we absolutely love her for it.

She says she’s a Kristy, and we can totally see it.

The 2 Broke Girls star was home nursing a fever (poor thing!) when she got to thinking about it, and we think she’s right on the money. Kristy was the founder and president of the BSC, and a natural-born leader. Sure, she was a bit bossy at times, but her fearless and sassy personality (and her love of baseball caps and overalls!) totally remind us of Dennings. A BSC-fan blog even re-cast Dennings as Kristy in a hypothetical reboot back in 2011, so fans seem to totally agree.

Of course, there aren’t any plans for a revival in the works, but never say never…plenty of beloved movie and book series are being rebooted these days, and we think a new generation of girls would love to have their own BSC members to get to know. Hollywood…are you listening?