Karlie Kloss is becoming a YouTuber — here’s what you need to know about her channel

Attention: everyone. We just found our new favorite YouTube Channel. Miss Karlie Kloss — model, dancer, baker, Knockout in the “Bad Blood” video — is launching her very own channel, appropriately and adorably titled, Klossy. As she explains in the channel’s brand new introduction video, she’s spent most of her life in front of the camera, but now Kloss is ready to step behind it and show us things we haven’t seen before. Um, yes please.

So what exactly are we going to see?

Don’t worry. There will be behind-the-scenes stuff from her adventures with her besties, Taylor Swift included (the video even gives us a quick peak at the #Squad on stage during a 1989 concert). Kloss is also going to take us on runway adventures, showing us exactly what happens before she steps out to rock some of the latest fashion. But that’s still not all.

How about Kloss’ baking career with Karlie’s Kookies? And she’s not just whipping up delicious treats for us to snack on, but these are 1) super healthy, and 2) for every tin of kookies that we buy, 60 meals are donated to hungry school children around the world. So let us at those kookies.

OK, but wait, still more! Like, how Kloss is teaching herself how to code (that’s computer code) and is constantly encouraging other young women to learn the same. She even started up the Kode with Karlie scholarship, and yes, there is definitely a K theme running here. Plus, this fall going to attend New York University to learn and study even more. Now with Klossy, we’ve been invited along for this crazy ride with a front seat to everything.

So far, there’s only one video on Klossy, which introduces us to her world. Guess now we’ll patiently wait for the others to drop, to see what amazing things Kloss is up to right now. She’s already accomplished so much, and who knows what other challenges she’s going to accomplish next. We’re ready, and we’ll be watching.

(Image via YouTube.)

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