Just another reason why we LOVE Karlie Kloss, girl’s going to college

Karlie Kloss is everywhere and we are not complaining. Not only is she a Victoria’s Secret Angel, an ad-campaign superstar, and bestie-gal-pal to Taylor Swift (the two currently share a Vogue cover; Karlie’s 32nd Vogue cover appearance, NBD), but now we have another reason to add her to our list of role models — she’s giving up her Victoria’s Secret Angel wings to go to college. Pretty awesome.

Despite the fact that at 22 years old, Karlie is arguably the most in-demand model out there — she has ad campaigns with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and L’Oreal Paris — she’s decided to shift her focus from Victoria’s Secret to studying at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study during the upcoming fall semester. A source close to Karlie reported to People that she’s, “got a busy but exciting year ahead and the decision came down to timing.”

This is not Karlie’s first time showing her academic interests. Last year she attended a week-long Harvard Business School program, here she focused on the business of entertainment, media, and sports. During the course she also gifted us with Instagrams like this one.

If that weren’t enough she’s also been studying how to code and even joined code.org.

And about that whole timing thing; Karlie will still be modeling for other brands full-time, focusing on “new business opportunities,” even while attending college. She’s not worried about juggling it all, “”I will be bringing my school books to studios, I will be studying on planes,” she told CBS. “I hope to do all of these things, and more, for a very long time,” she continued. “And I think that’s the challenge; to remain as hungry and inspired and driven as I am today. I hope I always feel this way.”

Ed Razek of Victoria’s Secret confirmed to People that Karlie’s departure from the company, is sad, but unsurprisingly he had nothing but lovely things to say about her:

We think so, too. Oh yeah, did we mention — Karlie also has her own line of health-conscious, philanthropic cookies, called Karlie’s Kookies? Excuse us while we pour ourselves a big glass of milk and nom on a few of those while Karlie takes over the world. We can’t wait to see what she tackles next.

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