Karlie Kloss’ trainer just gave the best advice for anyone who is obsessed with sleeping in

You no longer need to feel guilty about sleeping in instead of hitting the gym thanks to the advice of celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser. In an interview with NYMag‘s The Cut, the celebrity trainer (who is responsible for super-cut bodies like Karlie Kloss, Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Shakira among many others) said that people grossly underestimate how valuable getting sleep is for their health and fitness.

She said, “If you have a choice where you’ve only been sleeping five or six hours and can sleep an extra hour or work out, sleep an extra hour.”

What a relief!


But Kaiser isn’t simply advocating laziness. She insists there are biological reasons its harmful to our overall health when we push our bodies too hard.

“You’re running your body down, which will affect your energy and hold onto excess water and weight. It will make you hungrier,” she says.

Kaiser believes wholeheartedly that you truly need to respect your rest, even if you *think* you can get by on less shut-eye.

She adds, “Five to six hours for a week really prohibits your cognitive and hormones functions. You really need seven to eight hours. Working out harder or better or eating less isn’t the answer. It’s about getting enough sleep.”


With her impressive celebrity clientele who have ridiculously in-shape bodies, she’s obviously insisting you can always sleep instead of working out. She’s just advising that by respecting your sleep as much as you do your morning run, you can have some really positive effects on your body.

And even if you want to look as badass as a Victoria’s Secret model…

Kaiser doesn’t think you should overdo the amount of time you spend working out, either.

She says, “I don’t think that anyone should be working out more than 60 to 90 minutes, four to five days a week.”

So by sleeping in and not working out too much, you can actually improve your overall fitness. And that sounds good to us.


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