Karlie Kloss teaches us how to eat like a true Midwesterner in this new video

You might not know this, but Karlie Kloss is from the Midwest. While born in Chicago, she moved to St. Louis, Missouri at the ripe old age of three. And from what we’ve learned, Midwesterners have a different way of eating. Thanks to Kloss and her buddy Derek Blasberg, we now know the best way to grab our grub.

In a video posted online by Vanity Fair, Kloss and Blasberg hit up a restaurant to show us how it’s done. While Kloss is often asked about her diet (since she is a model, after all) she still manages to eat the foods that she loves while staying healthy. And that’s one of the very many reasons as to why we love her so much.

Here are a few tips from Kloss about how to nosh like a real Missouri girl.


Her first suggestion is pretty delicious — she believes that every food tastes better fried. And to showcase, her and Blasberg get mozzarella sticks and fried ravioli. Oh yes. You can fry ravioli.


Kloss says that it’s just a standard ravioli, filled with meat and cheese, but dipped and fried in batter. Yes please.

Her second suggestion actually takes those fried foods into consideration. Kloss believes that everything tastes incredible with a ranch dressing dip. We know that a lot of people definitely agree with this one.

Third, drinks in the Midwest should always be “bigger than your head.”

"This is the best bargain in all of America," Kloss says while sipping on a soda.

The fourth tip is one of the most intriguing since it involves a whole new way of eating pizza.

Instead of triangles, slices should be cut into squares.


Huh. Kloss and Blasberg say that this method is simply mathematical.

"You get more slices per surface area of pizza," Kloss notes. "It's math, people!"

The final tip? Well, it has to do with taking food home. Kloss says that Midwestern girls are thrifty, and don’t like to leave anything behind. So, all of the fried food and ranch dippers that she can’t eat now will serve as breakfast tomorrow.

Well, now we have a new life goal. We really want to eat some mozzarella sticks with Karlie Kloss.

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