Karlie Kloss is absolutely slaying with her new icy blonde hair

Summer is a time when many people like to switch up their style. Sometimes we try something new with our wardrobe; other times we experiment with different hairstyles and colors. Celebrities love to change up their looks as well, and Karlie Kloss has done so in a big way. The supermodel has traded her standard blonde locks for a white-hot platinum look, and we’re loving everything about it.

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin took to Instagram to share some snaps of Karlie Kloss’ new look.

Karlie’s fierce new style made its grand debut in Paris, where Kloss attended a high-profile Dior show. The hair color made for a dramatically different look for the supermodel as she strutted her stuff. Karlie Kloss contrasted her icy-blonde hair with a warm mustard-colored dress that kept her from being too washed out. A dash of red lipstick completed the look, which is as iconic and unconventional as the model herself.


Does this mean that platinum blonde hair is the must-have look of the summer? This spring saw people playing with silver-blonde shades and soft pink colors. But this new look is bolder and braver. If you want to steal this look for yourself (and really, we don’t blame you) make sure to consult with a professional hairstylist first. They’ll help you figure out the best way to incorporate this look into your own unique style, just like Karlie did.

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