Karlie Kloss is sticking up for herself, for Taylor Swift, and for women in the most amazing Tweets

The alleged feud between Taylor Swift and Kimye has been going on for a while now, but the plot kinda thickened when Swift’s bestie, Karlie Kloss, revealed that she thinks Kim Kardashian is a “lovely person.” 

And because we live in the world of the internet where everything gets echoed and amplified by infinity, articles like this one instantly began surfacing, making it seem like Kloss was drawing some kind of line in the sand and publicly declaring that she was on “Team Kim,” (and therefore at odds with her good friend Swift).

Not to be misconstrued or part of the media’s mind games, Kloss Tweeted this last night:

She then went on to add this absolutely kickass point:

And that Tweet was retweeted over 3000 times.

In one bold move, Kloss instantly put an end to any unfounded internet speculation about where her friendship with Swift stands, and more importantly, made it clear she would not be dragged into a media-manufactured feud — especially one that turns women against each other. She can be friends with Swift AND say something kind and respectful about Kim. Because she’s not a cardboard cutout, and that’s a rational way to be (despite how much the media doesn’t want us to think so).

DAMMNNN. We are so #PROUD of Kloss! The world needs more of you, girl!