Here’s exactly how Karlie Kloss can eat cookies and still feel like a supermodel

Karlie Kloss is one busy woman. Not only is she a world class model, but the 24-year-old is a serious entrepreneur, a student at NYU, and a philanthropist.

We can imagine it must be pretty hard to keep up any sort of regimes or routines that you practice, especially when you’re travelling, jet lagged, and exhausted. We know that when we’ve been on a long flight all we want is ice cream and comfort food (mmm.. mac and cheese).

Unlike Karlie, too, we don’t also own a cookie brand…

Now Karlie has revealed how she manages to keep so trim despite her busy schedule and her new role of queen of confectionary.

Speaking to Women’s Health, Karlie has shared all her secrets with us and they don’t seem so hard to follow.

"I’m pretty healthy most of the time...I eat a lot of fish, a lot of vegetables. I really like to cook with really clean, fresh ingredients," the fashion icon said. "I have a serious sweet tooth…I started a cookie line because I have that much of a sweet tooth. But you still gotta indulge and enjoy life."

Despite this, Karlie did say that when she’s got a shoot or show coming up, she tries to cut back on the sweet stuff.

And for exercise? Well, apparently it’s all about dancing.

“I love to dance. There’s nothing more gratifying than a good sweat, she said. "No matter how many times I’ve walked the runway show," she continued, "I always sort of get that adrenaline leading up to it and just before. All of the nerves or [if I’m] feeling a bit anxious or feeling tired, the best way to combat that, really, in my opinion, is by breaking a good sweat. It’s the best therapy."

We have to say, we TOTALLY agree that dancing is the best exercise (especially if it means we can have cookies, too!).

This isn’t the first time that we’ve been blessed with tips from camp Karlie. Earlier this year, the model’s trainer explained how sleeping in could actually make you fitter!

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