Karlie Kloss got this ’90s superstar to write her NYU rec letter

Though she’s certainly successful at modeling, Karlie Kloss has always been interested in doing more, whether it’s baking cookies for charity, advocating for girls to get into coding, or helping set friendship goals with BFF Taylor Swift. So when Kloss set her eye on college, specifically New York University, who did she call on to write her recommendation letter?

None other than Christy Turlington, the ’90s supermodel who’s acted as a sort of fairy godmother to Kloss. The two already look alike and have very laid back, American girl casual style, but in addition to her fashion world credentials, Turlington also graduated from NYU in 1999. (She then went onto Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health.)

In an interview with the New York Times, Turlington and Kloss, now a freshman at NYU, share what they admire about each other. Turlington gushes, “It was all about my crush on Karlie in 500 words. She is going to take this education and blow it up. She’s so eager and ready and thoughtful about her next steps,” while Kloss demurred, “The whole idea of believing I could go to college, and model, comes straight from Christy. It’s a lot to take on, but she did it. But I may ask for help with homework.”

We’re all for older stateswomen taking the younger generation under their wings; Kloss is clearly a fan of the supers, and both women use their considerable influence to bring awareness to issues like gender disparity in STEM and maternal health around the world. As for that rec letter? Well, it clearly worked.

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