Karlie Kloss has dyed her hair blue for the new year proving that this trend is not going anywhere

It’s a new year; which means you get the date wrong often, you say goodbye to your all-sequin dresses for another 365 days, but if you’re international supermodel Karlie Kloss, you dye your hair blue. That’s right, Klossie herself has gone chilly-hued, proving that the pastel purples, blues and grays we saw dominate heads in 2016 is a trend that is going nowhere. If Karlie is doing it, we’re all still doing it, and that is the bottom line. The 6’2″ Victoria’s Secret angel, former ballerina and mentee of Molly Sims is and has been a trendsetter since day one. Or, we guess, in this case — a trend re-setter?

If Karlie Kloss dyed her hair blue and jumped off a fashion runway, would you? We might!

Brrr! “Channeling my inner Elsa,” the model captioned the moody pic, citing the original ice queen from Frozen as her hair inspo (what? Karlie’s a ’90s baby, of course she’s still watching Disney movies!). KK’s also been the latest famous face to embrace the makeup-free selfie, promoting the silent and powerful movement that Alicia Keys put into motion last summer. Since then, the “naked face” has been sported by Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.

Is it “brave” to go makeup-less when you’re 24? Sure. Going sans concealer and feeling bold and inspired because of it isn’t about anyone else but you.

Swimming in January could make anyone’s tresses freeze…okay, maybe not in St. Barths.

So! Would you go blue like Karlie? We’ve seen the shade on enough people by now that there’s got to be someone out there rocking your length, texture and style if you need proof it’s time to embrace your own “inner Elsa” (google “blue hair” and bring a photo to your stylist!). 2016 might have brought us the blues, but so far 2017 is bringing us the right kind.

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