And for a brief moment, Karen O’s new video made us believe it was summer again

The first time you fall in love, every day feels like summer. The air is warmer, and you swear it tastes sweeter, like it’s been infused with tulip petals or honey. Falling in love is like the first time you lay eyes on a freshly baked cake that’s warm and soft with chocolate frosting, and you so desperately want to eat it quickly and all at once, yet you’re afraid and overcome with an excitement so alien and so wonderful you’re too stunned to do anything at all.

This is exactly what Karen O’s song “Days Go By” feels like, and her short film (directed by Wiissa) reflects that idyllic, magical experience so perfectly. If you haven’t listened yet, “Days Go By,” from Karen O’s 2014 solo project Crush Songs, is about the unbearable and desperate pangs of love. In the tender spirit of “Maps,” Karen O sings, “By the way / I really need my fix cause you got me so sick / I know / That I’m burning for you,” in a way that can resonate with so many of us. Love DOES feel so intense it hurts, so tremendous that it almost feels wrong.

The video itself ethereally captures the sweet romance between a couple who are swimming in a pool together and just hanging out and joyriding alongside the ocean. It’s whimsical, it feels vintage in a really raw ’70s way, and it makes me wish it were summer and that I was wearing yellow high-waisted shorts.

Watch it here, and be prepared to swoon.