Karen O’s ode to new motherhood is absolutely perfect

Karen O has a way with words. It’s evident in her stirring, evocative lyrics for projects like art-punk instigators the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, her so-cute-it-hurts solo album Crush Songs, and on soundtracks for films like Where The Wild Things Are and Her. However, the latest thing she’s written and shared isn’t a song, but it’s hitting us in the feels regardless. What is it, you ask? An Instagram post celebrating the birth of her first child.

Though O’s a consummate, capital-P Performer on the stage as the frontwoman of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (some of her early stage techniques included, err, spitting on audiences), she’s since simmered down her public image. Case in point: Crush Songs, and a new focus on stripped down, totally intimate songs. When she married director Barnaby Clay, who shot her music video for the ethereal “Rapt,” it was a real change of pace for the woman who’d previously been known for her elaborate stage costumes and spine-tingling howls.

For O’s Instagram announcement, she went with a caption that was simple but so, so sweet:

Ugh, our hearts are exploding. While the obvious caption choice might’ve been, “They don’t love you like I love you,” O’s choice of tune is poignant and potent in the best of ways. (Pop culture interjection: It also anchored one of the best episodes of Mad Men.) We’re so thrilled for O and her husband; congrats to the happy couple, and here’s to the coolest kid ever.

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