The Kardashians Prank Called Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence, and Their Reactions Are Hilarious

We're expecting our prank FaceTime call from the family at any time now.

If we got a prank FaceTime call from the entire Kardashian clan looking like they want to beat us up, we’d probably react the same way Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Bieber, and La La Anthony did. First we’d ask, “is this real?” and then we’d want to know if we’re in trouble. Kylie Jenner uploaded two videos to her TikTok of the Kardashian crew prank calling their famous friends and the reactions they got are beyond hilarious.

Kim Kardashian shared the TikToks to her Twitter feed on December 2nd, captioning the first post, “This was fun…” The video shows the Kardashian women, Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, mom Kris Jenner, and sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, all gathered together, as if they’re ready to partake in an intervention.

They then call various famous friends on FaceTime and say nothing when the call is answered. It’s both uncomfortable AF and beyond funny.

“Hey guys…What is happening?” Justin Bieber asked, suspicious. Hailey Bieber answers, stops eating, and asks, “Hello…?” Jennifer Lawrence, who appears in the next video Kim posted to her feed, said, “First I had to make sure it was real,” when she answered the call, adding, “what’s happening?” when no one reacted.

YouTuber David Dobrik summed up the entire prank fairly well. That’s fuckin’ ridiculous, he said when he couldn’t quite figure out what was going on.

We don’t know what it is about celebrities FaceTime pranking each other that has us rolling, but we’ve watched these TikToks too many times to count. It’s part Dave Chapelle’s “holy shit” and part Yung Taco’s “am I in trouble?”

Should we expect to be getting a call from Kylie Jenner’s phone at some point in the near future? Maybe we should all practice our surprised face for when the time comes.

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