The Kardashians built an ice rink in their backyard, you know, as you do

The Kardashians do not lead average lives. Yesterday they built an ice rink in their backyard and invited Olympic figure skating champ Nancy Kerrigan over. You know, as you do. The Kardashians are currently filming the Christmas episode of their reality show (a moment of silence for the meaning of the word “reality” please), and they had a full-blown ice rink built in their backyard.

You can see aerial shots of Kim Kardashian and North West skating on the ice with Kerrigan here, or gaze upon this family photo uploaded by Kris Jenner earlier today.

“Oh no big deal…just Ice Skating with @nancyakerrigan in Calabasas in 95 degree heat for our Christmas Special!!!!” Kris captioned the photo.

Okay, so maybe it’s a Christmas “special” and not an “episode.” Kim wrote on Twitter that the episode is about their “holiday prep” and explained how production timelines work, because lol.

Mostly, we just have 1,000 questions about this so-called ice rink. Love that Kim is wearing a crop top and bike shorts, ya girl isn’t even pretending that it’s fake December. How is Khloe standing on the ice barefoot? Why didn’t they give ice icon Nancy Kerrigan the cocktail dress memo? And where is Kylie?

Kylie is noticeably missing from the group photo, though she is present in the paparazzi images taken at the home.

Maybe Kylie will show up for her family’s annual Christmas card. The fam puts out an iconic Holiday card every year, however, they didn’t have one last year. According to Kim, they are “trying to get it together” and make a card happen this year.


If the Kardashians can make an ice rink happen in Calabasas, they can take a family Christmas portrait.

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