Kardashian fans are freaking out over this cryptic Snapchat from Khloé

The other night, Khloé Kardashian was treated by friends and family to a surprise birthday party. According to her Twitter, Khloé was completely blown away by the surprise. But if we’re being honest, Kardashian fans may have ended up being the most surprised due to a cryptic Snapchat from Khloé.

During the festivities, Khloé posted a Snapchat pic to her story showing a series of polaroid pictures of herself and boyfriend Tristan Thompson enjoying the bash. But one pic’s caption, written in Sharpie, is raising eyebrows amongst the Kardashian Kommunity.

“Dad + Mom”…Is there something you’re not telling us, Khoé?

Although some fans are taking this as a blatant pregnancy announcement, other context clues completely rule out the possibility of Khloé being pregnant. The next morning she tweeted about needing a hangover remedy:

If Khloé was indeed preggers, she certainly wouldn’t be drinking, right?

If we take a step back for a second, it seems more than likely that Khloé is simply calling them “Dad + Mom” as a cute sign of affection. Most of us have a “Dad + Mom” in our immediate friend group. They’re the ideal couple, but when they show too much PDA we get grossed out like we would with our parents.

Sorry everyone, but Khloé is most likely not pregnant (though we do think the duo would make excellent parents when the time comes!). And until then, we’re just gonna chill and enjoy the adorable snaps.