Ellen DeGeneres transforms into a Kardashian sister, breaks the Internet

Come Halloween (or the day before Halloween), all the morning talk show hosts put on some crazy costumes to surprise viewers. That’s great and all, but nobody is coming close to Ellen DeGeneres, who just debuted her very own Halloween costume: Karla Kardashian. Oh, you don’t know Karla Kardashian? She’s the lesser-known Kardashian sister, but believe me, she’s still a huge part of the family.

Ellen, wearing fake breasts, a print blouse, Shape Ups (of course), and a black wig, tells us all about how this forgotten Kardashian has been mistreated.

But now, it’s Karla’s time to shine. Ellen made a few adjustments to the trailer for the newest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and Karla finally gets the spotlight. While she may not have the grace and poise of her other sisters, she does have incredible enthusiasm. I mean, just look at this Instagram:

Oh but wait, there’s more…

Check out Ellen’s opening monologue/ the promo for Karla’s “new series” here:

(Image via NBC)

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