The 13 best karaoke songs to sing when you’re drunk, because that *will* happen this weekend

Drunk karaoke is a time-honored tradition amongst pretty much everyone on Earth, ‘cause let’s be real, it’s the best. It’s cheap, there’s drinking, there’s music, and everybody is at their absolute silly best. The hardest part about karaoke, though, is picking the best karaoke songs to bring down the house with.

Do you go top 40? Do you bring out a show tune? Do you throw it back to the ’90s? The answer is ALL OF IT. And because the answer is all of it and that’s a little overwhelming, we’ve put together a quick list of the 13 best karaoke songs to make your drunk game time decision-making process a little easier.

1“I Dreamed a Dream” — Les Misérables soundtrack

BELT IT OUT, GIRL. This isn’t one of the best karaoke songs, it is the best karaoke song. Listen, it’s a downer, but it’s a downer that gives you the opportunity to explore your entire vocal range, while drunk, which means you definitely have a wider range than you thought you did — or at least, you’ll convince yourself of that while pretending to be Anne Hathaway only to find out the next day when you check your friend’s Snap story that you, uh…definitely don’t have that range.

2“Baby Got Back” — Sir Mix-a-Lot

Is there anything that immediately gets everybody in the room hype like “Baby Got Back”? Absolutely not. On top of that, you definitely know every single word to that song. ADMIT IT. So you don’t even need to watch the lyrics on the screen, which gives you more time to bust some sick dance moves.

3“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” — Mulan soundtrack

Yeah, we know. You’re already picturing yourself standing on a table leveling your steely (read: drunk) gaze at the unsuspecting weekend warriors around you as you authoritatively belt out “LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.” You’re so welcome.

4“Rolling in the Deep” — Adele

Like “Baby Got Back,” you definitely know every single word to this song. As with “I Dreamed a Dream,” you’ll also get the opportunity to really belt it out. Like all of these songs, it’ll feel AMAZING in the moment while you’re making dramatic faces and hand gestures a la Adele, until you see the video the next morning.

5“Wannabe” — Spice Girls

No karaoke night is complete without a Spice Girls sing-along. Bonus points if you low key still know the whole dance from the music video and whip it out at opportune moments (that move at zig-a-zig-ah, for example, kills. Not that we’re speaking from experience. Ahem.)

6“Wonderwall” — Oasis

Less upbeat, but still great to belt out? Look no further than “Wonderwall.”

7“Uptown Funk” — Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Throwing something a little more modern in the mix: “Uptown Funk” is guaranteed to please because it’s been long enough since it was on the radio 24/7 that people will be happy to hear it, but not so long that everybody in the room won’t know it. Everyone will be thrilled to have it back in their lives. Funk it up.

8“Barbie Girl” – Aqua

If you are having the most, ehem, fun, this song is an instant winner. Everybody knows the words, it’s vaguely inappropriate which drunk people love (not that we’re speaking from experience…), and it has multiple parts to. So if you’re uncomfortable being on stage alone, you can have your bestie support you as Ken. Win-win.

9“Bye Bye Bye” – NSYNC

Can’t have a karaoke night without some boy bands. And nothing is more rousing than this classic NSYNC banger in a room full of what’s most likely millennials. Do the lord’s work, people — and say hello to NSYNC.

10“Defying Gravity” — Wicked soundtrack

We’re all for pop songs and uncomfortably sexual songs from the ’90s and early 2000s, but show tunes are sometimes where it’s at. Since probably every girl who was between the ages of eight and 28 in 2003 had a Wicked phase, this one will kill — and make you feel incredibly badass.

11“Guns and Ships” — Hamilton soundtrack

Sticking with the showtunes for a minute, you really can’t go wrong with Hamilton. However, if you really wanna make your karaoke outing the room where it happens, you’ve got to nail Lafayette’s rap from “Guns and Ships.” It’s necessary.

12“Love Shack” — The B52s

Obviously. No explanation needed.

12“I Will Always Love You” — Whitney Houston

Bonus points if you sing it to your baseball cap wearing ex boyfriend/future husband/soulmate while totally hammered and reveal your true feelings for him through song. We’re not referencing any particular Gilmore Girls character…what???