Kanye West’s rarest shoe is finally up for sale

While it seems like Kanye West and Adidas are made for each other, this fashion partnership wasn’t West’s first. Those of us who’ve been following his career since its start can vaguely recall a time when he was working with Nike on the Air Yeezy, which he wore on the street and in interviews.

Now, one NYC sneaker shop claims they have *the* first ever pair of Air Yeezy shoes, which were meant for West himself.

The pair, men’s size 12 Nike Air Yeezy 1s in the colorway “Black Glow,” are currently up for auction on eBay. They come with their original packaging, as well as something that is sure to stir up West’s devoted fans — a handwritten note from the manufacturer to West, scrawled on the box.


Alas, the relationship between West and Nike eventually soured, making Air Yeezy sneakers already pretty scarce to come by. (West even dissed Nike by name on the song “Facts,” though his compatriot Frank Ocean name checked the brand in a friendlier manner on his Blonde opener “Nikes.”) So the existence of these shoes, Kanye West’s shoes, is something that fans are losing their minds over, and the listing on the sneaks reflects that — the starting bid is a pretty ridiculous $64,999.99, which one could theoretically use to buy over a thousand pairs of his Adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers.

But hey, we’re gonna go ahead and venture that whoever buys these sneakers won’t be actually wearing them. So if you were planning on a home renovation? Putting aside money for college? Why not use that cash to own a piece of music history. (We joke: Do not do that.) It doesn’t look like the eBay listing has an end date, so perhaps these rare West sneakers are fated to remain on the site, but we can think of a few people who might actually have and thrown down that kind of cash in support of West’s creative legacy.