Kanye West’s “Famous” video is now an art exhibit, which seems fairly appropriate

As if anyone needed reminding of how weird it felt to see wax replicas of Kim Kardashian West, George W. Bush, Anna Wintour and Taylor Swift sleeping naked in bed together, all 12 sculptures from Kanye West’s “Famous” video are now part of an art exhibition in Los Angeles, Vulture reports.

On Friday, Blum & Poe art gallery hosted a private, two-day exhibition of the figures in all their au naturel glory resting in the same oversized bed that also was featured in the “Famous” video.


While Kardashian West was on hand to admire the wax replicas in person, West viewed his masterpiece from a video chat.

“The work alone is extraordinary and completely succeeds as a sculpture and multi-media installation,” said Blum & Poe co-founder Tim Blum of the wax figure exhibition, which was inspired by Vincent Desiderio’s painting Sleep. “If you didn’t know that this was a work by Kanye West, and instead was the work of a known artist in the art world, the perception of the piece would be completely different — it would be celebrated and universally supported at the highest level,” he added.

We have a feeling West is somewhere giving himself a huge pat on the back after receiving such a major acknowledgement from the arts community. He’s never been quiet about the artistic significance of his wife’s nude figure and well, basically anything he says, thinks or creates, even if some of us view the “Famous” video as a creepy nightmare we all couldn’t wait to wake up from.