Kanye West can currently be found chilling in this unexpected location

When you’re one-half of the most famous couple in the world, people definitely want to know your whereabouts at all times. But Kanye West has been understandably out of the public eye for several months — and turns out, he’s in a pretty unexpected place.

Yep, Kanye is working on new music in Wyoming, according to a report by TMZ. Turns out, Kanye is working on his new album at a mountaintop retreat, and we’re so curious to know the details. The report says that the singer has been hard at work on his album for the past week, and traveled to the remote resort two weeks ago to scope it out.

In recent months, Kanye has been largely removed from the public spotlight, having deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts last week. He also did not attend the Met Gala with wife Kim Kardashian, though he did pop up on Kim’s Snapchat when he and John Legend dressed up as the Easter Bunny at the Kardashian family Easter celebration last month (ps — adorable!).

It’s understandable that Kanye has been taking some time away, since 2016 definitely wasn’t easy on him and his family. We’re just excited to see what he’s working on these days — it will definitely be major.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend time at a gorgeous mountaintop retreat? It must be a perfect, serene place to gather inspiration and keep a clear mind, away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. We already know that Kanye loves the quiet of the mountains, as evidenced by his 2013 music video “Bound 2” (which was filmed with then-fiancée Kim in Monument Valley, Colorado as the backdrop).

Stay tuned for more info on Kanye’s new music. It’ll surely be worth the wait.