Kanye West went on a bike ride with his friends so let’s hope he’s starting to feel better

He’s been flying low under the radar since his hospitalization back in November, but Kanye West was spotted on a bike ride with his friends this weekend, so hopefully he’s the road to recovery, even though he’s still just  slowly returning to the public scene. West has made a few select appearances since he was released from the hospital after suffering from extreme exhaustion and mental stress, but they’ve all been closely monitored. But things seem to be looking up.

West was seen relaxing and enjoying the road during a midday bike ride with some pals in Los Angeles. West is still working to maintain a low profile during his recovery, wearing a large tinted helmet to obscure his face from the paparazzi. The rest of his look was decidedly low-key as well: a black sweat suit and a pair of his very own Yeezy boots. false

Also on display?

His wedding ring, indicating that those dire rumors swirling about him and wife Kim Kardashian are more speculation than anything concrete.

Although West’s outing was remarkably chill, there was still security keeping a watchful eye on the superstar. Bodyguards trailed the group, making sure nobody interrupted the rapper and his friends on their relaxing jaunt. This is a marked improvement for West, who cancelled the last 21 dates on his  The Life of Pablo Z” tour before going into the hospital.

Reports indicate that West is taking his recovery seriously and that he has the full backing of his family, which is SO important. The rapper is still going to outpatient therapy, and keeping his public appearances to a minimum (he’s only been seen one other time since his release, at an art exhibit at the MOCA Pacific Art Exhibit in West Hollywood, sporting a new blonde hairdo). But it’s nice to see Kanye West working at his recovery by taking some time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. Keep at it, Kanye.

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