Kanye West went to Trump Tower for a meeting and the internet lost its mind

What the what?! That’s the most pressing question of the moment because Kanye West went to Trump Tower for a meeting and um, we’re not quite sure what to think. The Daily Mail reports that the rapper and his entourage (which included Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble) strolled into Trump Tower in New York for a purported 15-minute sitdown. According to TMZ, West called the meeting with Trump but the purpose of the president-elect and Yeezy convening has yet to be revealed.

We’re obviously in the dark about this meeting until further details are confirmed. Shortly before his hospitalization, West told concertgoers he would’ve voted for Trump, but that fact still hasn’t stopped the internet from completely losing its mind over precisely WTF this could mean.

Here’s footage so you know it’s real:

Followed by the internet’s response:


During the meeting, Trump told the press that he and West have been friends for a long time. As West left, he and the president-elect posed for photos before the rapper left, telling Trump “see you soon.”

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