This Kanye West-themed classroom is kind of the best

At first glance, Adrian Perez’s fourth-grade classroom at McCabe Elementary school in Mendota, California could be your average classroom. The walls are red and adorned with cartoon bears and organized into sections like “student of the month” and “classroom jobs.” Except that red is Kanye West Red October red, and the bear is the Kanye West Graduation album cover bear. Yes, on second look, this classroom is completely Yeezy-themed.

“I teach my students to dive deeper in their thought process, use real-world connections, and to think outside the box,” Perez told ABC News. “If I teach my students to do this, I should do it myself.”

Most of Perez’s fourth graders don’t quite understand all of the Yeezy references used throughout the room. But even for the clueless Kanye fan, the positive and encouraging messages are still felt from the moment you walk through the door.

Perez uses the song “I’m Amazing” to recognize star students of the month. Other themes in the classroom are also Kanye-themed. “Math Monsters” encourages students to take a fearless approach to learning math. “New Job Flow” organizes their classroom jobs, like line leader and desk cleaner. And “Good Life” serves as his classroom’s overall theme — Perez prominently hung a large sign that reads “Welcome to the Good Life” so his kids are reminded of it every time they come into class.

“I thought, ‘Let me break the pavement and be innovative, and pull off this Kanye West-themed classroom,’” Perez said. “I was clever with Kanye West lyrics and turned them into positive and motivating display titles for my classroom walls.”

What a cool teacher! Perez put in long hours to create his classroom masterpiece, and it certainly shows. He’s found a way to relate to his students, and as long as he’s still getting the message across, some PG Kanye references never hurt anybody.

“I aspire to be the Kanye West of teaching: Kanye West is one of the most influential people in the world and is the best at what he does,” Perez said. “To elaborate, I want to be a positive influence to my students and be the best teacher I can be for them.”

(Images via Twitter.)