Whoa: Kanye West just made Lorde’s ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ even better

It’s official: The Hunger Games soundtrack is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when we thought our thirst had been quenched (e.g. the addition of CHVRCHES, The Chemical Brothers, Miguel, Major Lazer and Ariana Grande and many, many more), we’ve been hit with yet another asteroid of goodness.

Tuesday morning, Lorde shared a new track featuring Kanye West’s rework of “Yellow Flicker Beat.” Spoiler Alert: There’s is no rapping or singing from Kanye on the track. It’s still Kanye, but purely from a production standpoint.

Lorde described it on her Twitter as, “the quieter, slinkier side of the coin.” Don’t get us wrong, the original version is deliciously moody (we described it as “the epitome of emotional goodness”), but this rework takes it to another level. The percussion has been replaced with a deep, minimalist bassline, making Lorde’s vocals that much more haunting. The addition of the discordant echoes and gospel choir doesn’t hurt either. It’s a bit sinister, but we’re loving every bit of it.

Give the song a new song a listen right here:

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