Kanye West live-streamed his new album, and Twitter has THOUGHTS

Before releasing his eighth studio album to the public today, June 1st, Kanye West held an exclusive listening party for celebs and journalists on May 31st. West also live-streamed the event, which took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, allowing fans to get a taste of what he was about to serve them the next morning (and luckily, “Lift Yourself,” better known as “Poopity Scoop,” was not on the menu).

And you can bet that after all the drama West stirred up in recent months — *ahem* his “slavery was a choice” TMZ comment and support of the MAGA movement *ahem*— Twitter has some strong opinions about the album.

According to Twitter, reactions to Ye are split. Some loved Ye’s “old school Kanye vibes” paired with politically charged messages. Others have decided to boycott listening to the album altogether based on West’s recent problematic statements. Depending on which of the above camps you think you’ll fall into you, you can take a listen to the seven-track album and form your own opinions. Ye is now available on both Spotify and Apple Music.

Some fans are still firmly holding onto their belief that West is one of the greatest artists of all time and, for these fans, Ye just bolsters that theory.



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For other Twitter users, West’s problematic comments cannot be swept under the Ye rug. For them, his political stance overshadows his artistry.


And of course, there will always be some who don’t care either way.

What are your thoughts on Ye? 

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