Whoever created this perfect Kanye West/Kim Possible mashup needs to call us AND beep us

As a massively lavish gesture to his wife, Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian an entire wall of flowers for Valentine’s Day. A little over the top, but incredibly romantic, nonetheless. And as an equally romantic belated Valentine’s Day gift to us, someone has created a Kanye/Kim meme that we’re borderline obsessed with.

The meme, however, doesn’t include a photo of West’s actual wife like you’d expect — it’s even better. Someone instead photoshopped a cartoon image of Kim Possible kissing West’s cheek with the words “Ever since I been with Kim, anything’s possible.” LOL

The mashup is so perfect it hurts.

The image is floating around social media like most memes do. We’re not sure who originally made the mashup, because that’s just how the internet works. But we’re certainly glad we found it.

It’s pretty obvious that Kim Possible and Kardashian actually share a similar look, and they both seem to enjoy kissing West, so it all just makes sense.

Maybe there’s something more to this than just a simple meme. Maybe a Kim Possible spinoff that includes Kardashian as her trusty sidekick? Kim Possible fans are probably ready for the show to make a comeback anyway, so this could work out, you guys.

We’re not saying that random internet memes can totally make our day, but like, we’re not not saying that either. There are some ridiculously talented humans out there whose brains work in magical ways. So thank you, internet stranger for creating something we never knew we needed.