Kanye West is opening 21 surprise pop-up shops this weekend: Here’s where they are

Attention Yeezy fans: Prepare for a global shopping experience on steroids. Per MTV, Kanye West will open 21 pop-up shops around the world this weekend. On Thursday, the rapper announced the temporary store openings on his Twitter with the image of a map highlighting all of the locations. false

The Life of Pablo tour merch will be available for fans to buy in international locations such as New York, Los Angeles, London and Cape Town, with stores remaining open for three days each.

As expected, fans have completely lost it over the prospect of owning a piece of prized Pablo gear, which includes T-shirts, caps, jumpers and hoodies. Daily Mail reports that London fans waited 15 hours to get in the store. And it’s pretty much like that at every location. false


OK, guys. This is probably the first time ever that we’ve known what the entire world’s weekend plans are in advance.