Kanye West has rainbow sherbet-colored hair now

It looks like someone asked for brightly colored hair this Christmas and got what he wanted. Yesterday, Kanye West was spotted out with pink and orange hair, and we can’t help but notice how much his new ‘do looks like rainbow sherbet.

The rapper and fashion designer, who was hospitalized recently for exhaustion, attended a Christmas Eve party at mother-in-law Kris Jenner’s house. He then spent Christmas Day at sister-in-law Kourtney Kardashian’s house with wife Kim and children North and Saint. Then on Monday, West attended a movie with friends in Santa Monica, and while leaving the theater was spotted with his new rainbow hair.

And just as we all expected, the internet went into a tizzy. Many people think his new hair looks like a snow cone, while others feel  it’s reminiscent of a scoop of tropical-flavored sherbet. Either way, this is making us hungry.

We must admit, it’s pretty uncanny.

Earlier this month, the world-famous rapper showed off newly bleached hair when he met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower.


But, obviously the blond wasn’t cutting it, hence the drastic new coloring. When West decided to go blond, industry psychotherapist Dennis Palumbo talked to The Hollywood Reporter about West’s drastic change, especially after being involved in such a harrowing robbery in October.

Dr. Palumbo, who has been treating Hollywood patients for over 25 years, said,

"For people in the public eye, when you go into rehab, have a traumatic experience like being robbed, go through a painful and very public divorce or have a career disaster of another kind, looking different is a way to demonstrate, even unconsciously, that they have a different persona." He added, "It indicates ... I've gone through the fire and come out of the other end with this new look. I think it’s a sign, both to themselves and their audience, the public. It’s like a makeover, psychologically."

With this robbery and his hospitalization under his belt, it’s definitely safe to say that Ye has been through quite a fire. This new look is certainly different, but hey – different is a good thing!

We have a feeling this might be just the tip of the Kanye West hairstyle iceberg. And hey, what better way to ring in the new year than with rainbow hair?

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