A Kanye West dating site exists, but Taylor Swift fans are not welcome

There truly is a dating site for everyone. And now, there’s even a Kanye West dating site. A new site called Yeezy Dating cropped up on the internet recently, and it appears to be specifically tailored to the rapper’s diehard stans.

The Kanye West dating site’s description reads: “A dating site for fans of the genius Mr. West.” That, of course, means no Taylor Swift fans allowed. If you happen to be fans of both, a rare breed, you’re probably out of luck.

Yeezy Dating issues a clear warning: “Taylor Swift fans are banned from this website.” They even added a snake emoji, so you know they mean business. How long can this site exist before an equal opposite reaction occurs and we get Swiftie Dating? It’s practically a rule of internet physics.

Currently, Yeezy Dating hasn’t officially launched yet. Its Instagram account says access will be coming sometime in March of 2018. For now, you can enter your email to gain “early access” to the site. What could that access look like? How will Yeezy Dating work? Will it match potential mates by their favorite Kanye albums? There are, after all, The College Dropout people and The Life of Pablo people.

Or maybe you could be matched via Kanye eras, like Pre-Kardashian or Post-Kardashian. Grinning Kanye or Pouting Kanye. Dressy Kanye or Sweatpants Kanye. Kanye contains multitudes. As Kanye himself rapped, “Now I look and look around and there’s so many Kanyes.”

The possibilities for a Kanye West dating site are practically endless.

People actually seem pretty into it. Twitter is pretty hyped so far.


Meanwhile, another Twitter user brought up a good point. Arguments between Kanye fans can get ugly. Their love for him goes deep — so deep that it just might cancel out any love for each other.


But Kanye could also bring people together. Singles just wanna find someone who loves them like Kanye loves Kanye.

Sorry, Swifties.

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