ICYMI: Here’s Kanye West’s ‘American Idol’ audition

Kanye West doesn’t exactly need American Idol, but does American Idol need Kanye West? Well, you’re about to find out.

This past October, West rolled up to the American Idol auditions taking place in San Francisco. The “audition” he graced everyone with can now be seen in a teaser for American Idol‘s final (sob!) season. West’s audition stays true to West’s original roots. He lets the judges know that he is from the south side of Chicago and that he was originally a producer before exploring becoming a rapper himself.

Oh we know, Kanye. We know.

Kim Kardashian West shared the clip via Twitter, including a cute clip of her telling Ryan Seacrest that she has always believed in him. (Duh! She’s so supportive.)

American Idol‘s final season premieres January 6th on Fox. We’ll miss the show but cannot wait to see what the last season has in store!

(Image via Twitter)