That one time Kanye auditioned for American Idol

It’s the last season of American Idol and people are starting to get nostalgic. Real talk, I cried when watching the final promo, (which is pretty much just about Kelly Clarkson and how far she has come). But if nostalgia isn’t enough to entice you to watch Idol’s last season, then maybe Kanye West’s audition will change your mind.

That probably looks like a typo, but I can assure you it is not. Despite having performed on the show twice, once to play his hit “Heartless” and then again in 2011 to perform with Katy Perry, America’s lovable total crazy pants rapper, turned fashion designer, turned future presidential candidate came out for American Idol‘s final year of vocal auditions.

So this fall, if singers with talent (as well as singers who maybe struggle with the whole staying-on-key thing), and an insane amount of crying is not enough to get you to tune into Fox, you can look forward to a very, very funny episode featuring Kanye and pregnant wife Kim Kardashian in tow. Ryan Seacrest explains the situation to E! News.

“We were in San Francisco, and they said, ‘We’ve got a contestant that’s just going to jump into the line.’ And up walked Kim and Kanye—Kim pregnant and Kanye enthusiastic and ready to go in there.” Keith Urban, one of the shows judges, says that he sang a rendition of his smash hit “Gold Digger” even better than the original.

American Idol returns for it’s final season to Fox on Wednesday, January 6th at 8 p.m. And honestly, my money is on West to take it all. There’s something about him that just screams “super star” to me.

Check out the just-released clip of the prank below:

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