Here’s an intimidating mob of kangaroos staring at you, because it’s October

It’s October! Time for rad Halloween costumes, haunted houses and being stalked by creepy kangaroos.

Wait. What?

Yes, you guys. Kangaroos stalk people. Who knew? It totally happens. It did to Ben Vezina anyway, as he was cycling (alone, obviously, because the creepiest things always happen when you’re by yourself) through Hawkstone Park in Victoria, Australia. Ben was just minding his own business, riding his bike through the park when all the kangaroos stopped and stared at him. Like a horror film. At first only one or two, then a huge mob. (Fun fact: “mob” is the actual, scientific term for a group of kangaroos. We sort of understand why now. Just saying.) Ben captured the whole incident on video, and it’s totally given us ALL the goosebumps. 

At the start of the video, he calls it a rather unnerving experience, but only a few seconds later he compares it to a zombie-style kangaroo apocalypse. Not that we blame him. The kangaroos are all just standing and staring at him — which in theory sounds like it might be the cutest thing to ever happen to a person. But in reality…not so much.

In Ben’s own words: “I mean, should I even be going down here? I’m kind of terrified, yo.”

Yo, we’re kind of terrified too TBH. We’re not comparing these kangaroos to the sinister stare-downs in Paranormal Activity or anything…but we’re not NOT making that comparison either. Take a look and judge for yourself.

October has arrived! Definitely.

[Image via iStock Video via YouTube.]