Kangaroos just completely took over a golf course in Australia, and they will not let you play through

It seems like if you want to golf in Australia you might run into some problems. The country is full of intense wildlife, but this time there were no poisonous snakes, crocs, or sharks; just a golf course overrun with kangaroos. That’s right: a group of golfers  at Sanctuary Point Country Club in New South Wales was surprised to find a giant crowd of kangaroos on the golf course.

The humans were definitely more surprised than the animals, who, tbh, were pretty chill.

As people tried to golf the kangaroos did not seem scared or surprised. The man who took the video treated the kangaroos as another golf hazard. They stood still while golfers putted, and weren’t even startled by golf carts! It seemed like they created some interesting playing conditions.

Golfers were lucky it was only kangaroos!

Australia is home to some weird and dangerous animals, so these golfers were lucky they didn’t run into anything poisonous. Like snakes or spiders? Or crocodiles *shudders*. People have found pythons on golf courses before, and we would definitely pick the ‘roos.

Of course, kangaroos can be dangerous, and if provoked can attack pretty viciously. But, unlike crocs and sharks, they don’t want to make a  meal of you,  so that’s definitely a plus!

In fact the kangaroos seem like ideal golfing buddies in the video.


Still, we definitely wouldn’t recommend wandering into a tribe of ‘roos just to see if you can get a birdie.