Beauty vlogger Kandee Johnson is cooking up a mystery makeup project, and we have a few ideas

Kandee Johnson is apparently ~building a mystery~, and makeup fans are trying to figure it out. We already know that Kandee has a project brewing with Too Faced Cosmetics. Co-founder Jerrod Blandino and Kandee have shared many an adorable social media post hyping up the collaboration. The YouTube superstar recently Snapped a still of some samples from a TOP SECRET PROJECT. Is it the Too Faced project? Or something else?

Kandee’s pal, beauty insider Trendmood, shared a shot from the pink-haired MUA’s Snapchat, with her commentary:

"My Boo is working on a top secret surprise for us...Which she will reveal later this year! Can't wait to see what it is!"

We can’t wait either! Kandee is definitely well-versed in the art of the tease and we’re dying to know what she’s got up her sleeve.

At first glance these look like aspirin tablets? Will this mystery product cure our makeup ills?

Okay, so clearly this project is “TOP SECRET.” Regarding Kandee’s caption, a commenter quipped:

"why does this sound like something DJ Khaled would say 😂"

BLESS UP. Khaled x Kandee would be quite a collab! In case Kandee wants #AnotherOne.

Is she talking about the project with Jerrod and Too Faced?

Another fan speculated that we might soon be able to copy Kandee’s trademark pink tresses,

"Hair dye maybe!????? Ahhh I'll buy anything that woman puts her name on!!! Love you kandee! 💖"

That would be cool! Other commenters speculate about lip scrubs or nail polishes. Girl, we can’t wait!!!

Keep an eye on all of Kandee’s social media accounts for more!

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