Twitter reacts to Kamala Harris’s early exit from the presidential race

Yesterday, December 3rd, Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) officially dropped out of the presidential race, stating that her campaign has not raised enough money to compete with the other candidates running for president. Harris was once considered a frontrunner in the race, and many see her departure as premature and disappointing, in part because her presence helped make the potential 2020 Democratic primary the most diverse to date.


Harris’s untimely step back from the race leaves an opening for her self-funded and billionaire rivals (like Mike Bloomberg and Andrew Yang) and politically green newcomers (Pete Buttigieg) to pick up the slack—candidates whom many argue are simply not qualified to tackle presidential duties.

Supporters of Harris are sad to see their more-than-qualified champion leave the race, especially when there is an abundance of questionable male candidates (looking at you, John Delaney and Michael Bennet) still in it to win it—oh, and Marianne Williamson. We cannot forget about Marianne Williamson.

Despite the exciting initial diversity among the Democratic candidates, many people are sadly unsurprised that the only woman candidate of color was underfunded and forced to drop out before the race truly heated up.

Of course, Harris was not a perfect candidate. She floundered on her stance on healthcare and couldn’t decide if she agreed with the idea of a “Medicare for All”-type plan—the kind of plan Democratic Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been pushing for throughout their entire campaigns.

Furthermore, Harris has faced criticism surrounding her prosecutorial record, student-debt-forgiveness plan, and the way she handled inner turmoil within her campaign toward the end of her run.

However, in theory, Harris has plenty of time to solidify her stance on any of the above issues and had already qualified to take part in the December 19th Democratic debate. And yet, financing from once-reliable backers dwindled.

As Harris stated in her departure video, she will keep fighting against the current injustices in America. She also tweeted that she strongly supports the current Trump impeachment inquiry.

We’re disappointed to see Senator Harris exit the presidential race. However, we know she’ll stay active in government and remain unafraid to speak the truth.

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