Kaley Cuoco’s retro sports bra must have been inspired by a ’70s yoga class

You don’t need a genius IQ to know that The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco’s stellar style sets trends both on TV and IRL. Case in point: Kaley’s far-out, 1970s-inspired sports bra from GOLDSHEEP Clothing!

Taking a breather from what we imagine is an intense weekend workout (we thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest!), Kaley posted the pic of her psychedelic sportswear on her Instagram alias account @normancook.

And we must say, we are digging the dusty hues and blossoming kaleidoscopic shapes! Proving a bold print always pairs beautifully with a colorful personality, Kaley works the hell out of this look, matching the top with simple Nike athletic shorts and a messy top-knot.


You can buy the bra here, for $65.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kaley and retailer GOLDSHEEP have teamed up to make sweating cute. This year, animal lover Kaley collaborated with GOLDSHEEP to create a special edition line of athletic wear. The collection features an adorable puppy print to benefit Kaley’s pet charity, Paw Works, a non-profit rescue organization that partners with shelters county and citywide to find abandoned dogs new homes.

When it comes to Kaley’s relationship with GOLDSHEEP, it was love at first sight. Last year, Kaley showed off her legs in pair of crushworthy leggings adorned with The Bachelor Ben Higgin’s face while gearing up to watch the reality show. And yes, they were a GOLDSHEEP original. Needless to say, the Internet went wild over them, solidifying Kaley’s love affair with the unique sportswear outfitter.

As for us, our love of Kaley (and her sassy sartorial choices) is growing deeper by the day!

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