Kaley Cuoco’s latest cupping photo has us both terrified and intrigued

Have you heard of cupping? It’s not a new treatment, but it still leaves us a little puzzled. And just one look at Kaley Cuoco’s recent cupping photo is making us shiver a bit. Let’s just say that the actress is definitely daring.

First, let’s discuss cupping a bit. When we say it’s not a new treatment, we definitely mean it — in fact, the practice has been dated back to 300 or 400 A.D. It was commonly used in Chinese hospitals as a way to help draw blood closer to the skin’s surface.

Not only does it help with pain management, but it also helps you relax. While it leaves a bit of bruising, it’s still a pretty common practice for athletes and celebrities.

Ready to book your appointment? Cool. But before you do, check out Cuoco’s photo first.

In her own words (and John Cougar Mellencamp’s words, if we’re being fair) “hurts so good.”

Our feelings on this can be summed up in this one gif:

Cuoco isn’t the first celebrity to showcase her spots. In fact, it was Michael Phelps who helped bring the treatment into the public eye. We’ve also seen actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow embrace cupping before. (And really, if we were to take beauty and relaxation tips from any celebrity, it’d probably be one of those two.)

If you think that Cuoco’s marks are severe, don’t forget what happened when Busy Philipps tried out cupping…


Of course, these marks aren’t permanent. (And if you think about it, they’re actually kind of cool.) Plus, the treatment must help out a bit, since celebrities often go back for more.

But still, looking at what happen after the procedure is something we can’t help but stare at. We think that Cuoco and the ladies and gentleman who have tried cupping in the past are pretty brave.