Kaley Cuoco’s 4th of July kickoff is exactly like yours

The 4th of July is a time for relaxing and celebrating America, however best you see fit. For some people (quite a few of us, actually) it means having a drink or two to honor our Founders and relax with friends. And apparently, even if you’re as wildly successful as Kaley Cuoco, that’s also exactly how you celebrate.

The comedic actress posted a delightful picture to her Insta recently that shows her with her boyfriend, Karl Cook, making goofy faces and sporting patriotic drinks. It seems like the most fittingly perfect encapsulation of the holiday weekend we’ve ever seen.

Her caption, “Starting the weekend off the right way!” with some perfectly celebratory emojis is exactly how we’d communicate getting the party started. And from her stylish hat and gorgeous shirt, it looks like she’s going to totally on-point all weekend.

It’s nice to see that despite the fact that she’s totally famous and crazy busy with her Big Bang Theory schedule (among a million other comedic projects she’s delightful in), she’s still taking some time off to relax and enjoy herself on this holiday weekend.