Kaley Cuoco’s “dorky date” with her boyfriend sounds more like our DREAMY date

Oh, young love. The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco recently opened up about her boyfriend Karl Cook, and her story is so much cuter than the sole fact that they share initials. They share a love of riding horses, as well. In fact, Cook makes a career out of riding.

“Recently we did go on a little trail ride date,” Cuoco recently told People. “It was adorable. We hadn’t really done that yet. One is usually cheering for the other so that was kind of cute to go out together. We totally held hands. It was very dorky!”

Dorky? More like adorkable.

It’s probably safe to say that horses helped Cuoco and Cook connect in the first place. Earlier this year, Cook’s equestrian skills earned him the $25,500 SmartPak Grand Prix and the $15,000 UltrOz Jumper blue ribbons, both of which are kinda-sorta big deals. Though, Cuoco’s adoration of horses was never a secret — she’s ridden them since she was 15, and even brought a brand new horse home in April.

If Instagram can tell us anything, it’s that Cook and Cuoco are extremely happy together. Which is great, since Cuoco had just finalized her divorce from ex-husband Ryan Sweeting this May after filing months earlier. Discussing the divorce on Ellen, Cuoco mentioned that things were going much better for her. “I’m much, much better now. I’m in a much better place than I was,” she said.

Looks pretty obvious to us.

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