Kaley Cuoco’s latest Instagram will speak to dog lovers everywhere

Kaley Cuoco LOVES her dogs and we agree, they are so cute! Her latest Instagram post speaks to dog lovers everywhere and will make you say, “awww” basically immediately.

Clearly Cuoco knows the way to her fans hearts is through her dogs — and adorable pictures of them, so she is always sharing sweet puppy pics. On July 8, The Big Bang Theory actress snapped a close-up pic of her oldest dog, Norman, (and probably the cutest one…okay they are all cute, but he is so perfect!) and we can’t get enough of it.

“Norman, can I help you?” Cuoco wrote on the photo of Norm’s precious face. “(literally staring at me like this for the last 10 minutes),” she continued.

If you haven’t seen a dog stare at you for minutes at a time and swooned over the absolute adoration and cuteness, then you are seriously missing out.

When Norm isn’t starring down Kaley Cuoco, he is winning her over with his endearing facial expressions and kisses. Let’s face it, we are also being won over…one Insta photo at a time.

“#norman just stop,” the blonde star captioned a pic of the pup looking majestic in the entryway of her house on June 24.

If you still need to see why Norm is the dog just check out this next picture of him kissing the 8 Simple Rules actress from May 30th.

“Oh Norman, melt my???,” she captioned the puppy smooching shot. PS: We would never turn down a kiss from Norman!

With so much attention on Norman, you’d think Cuoco doesn’t have any other pets, but she does, and they are equally as important to her.

Her horses, for example, are gorgeous and she is always showing them off on her social media accounts. The horses she owns include Thor and Netty, both of whom she rides for fun, and even competition!

Plus, Kaley Cuoco has another dog named Ruby, who she frequently cuddles with and at times even has matching bed-head with. It’s totally relatable for dog lovers everywhere.

The woman just knows how to frame a pet photo for max adorability. What kinds of pictures do you take with your favorite fuzzballs?