Kaley Cuoco had the most fun vacationing with her family in the Netherlands

Kaley Cuoco is one of the most successful actresses on TV right now. She’s starred in ten season of the comedy The Big Bang Theory. And now that the show is looking at Season 11, Kaley Cuoco is in contract negotiations with the show, because she’s a baller. But a crazy successful career can be stressful, and a girl needs a little break. That’s why we think it’s so sweet that Kaley jet-setted across the world with her family for a trip to the Netherlands. It looked like so much fun.

Kaley Cuoco, her mom, sister, and friends took a whirlwind trip to the Netherlands, and we’re so jelly.

Kaley and her mom look like they’re having some much needed mother-daughter time.

"Mom and I on our Netherlands adventure @peteyleo 👯 she's so adorable holding her Gandalf stick"

LOL Gandalf stick! What a cute photo. And in case you missed it, there’s totally a reindeer in the background. These beautiful ladies look radiant together, and we can see the family resemblance in their smiles.

Kaley got in touch with her childhood with her friend Julie in Eindohovn.

"When in Eindohoven, ride a horse. I mean a teeter totter 😂🐴."

These ladies definitely know how to teeter totter! Kaley looks like she’s about to launch into the air.

These ladies clearly had a blast on their fabulous plane.

And based on these grinning faces, it looks like the trip was a success.

A vacation like that definitely makes you want to give a little shimmy.

Now we want to travel to the Netherlands!

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