Kale Nails: Our Fave Superfood Is Now A Polish

We all know kale is the trendiest of superfoods. Since gaining popularity in recent years, it seems to be all anyone can talk about: kale chips, kale salads and kale smoothies. And for good reason, too. This miracle veggie is very high in Vitamin C and other antioxidants. In fact, it’s so high in antioxidants that it has been recognized as part of a select group of vegetables that actively attack free radicals looking to damage your immune system, heart and bones. You guys, it’s that good! And now, it’s coming to our nail polishes! Can I get an “Eeek!”?

Alexa Chung, the new face of Nails, Inc., will be launching the first line of NailKale. In the first photo teasing the new campaign, Chung can be seen holding an over-sized bottle of the good stuff while laying on a bed of kale. The color she wears on her nails in the ad is a gorgeous, rich green playing off the main component of this new line, launching in the fall. The whole feel of the campaign is health-conscious meets ultra luxe, targeting a burgeoning market of women who care about the environment, their health and their nails.

With this new addition of the NailKale line and the fact that Nails, Inc. is also adding their new ingredient to four other top-selling polishes, I think we’re about to head into a beauty and fashion revolution. We already see essential oils replacing synthetic fragrances in hair care lines and plant botanicals popping up in our spray tan formulas and face moisturizers, so why not kale in our nails?

Though Nails, Inc (which is also cruelty-free), hasn’t explained the reasoning behind adding this miracle green to their new line, natural reasoning would suggest all of the nourishment this superfood delivers to our system will greatly help our nails as well. When added to face creams, kale can help decrease elasticity to the skin, warding off wrinkles and adding firmness. My guess, as a beauty professional, is when kale is added to nail polishes, it can work to strengthen nail beds, reduce flaking and breakage and deliver moisture and conditioning. A nail polish that looks oh-so-chic and conditions and strengthens? I’m already waiting to pick up my first bottle!

Look for your your new favorite kale laced product to officially launch in August.

Image Via Elle UK

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