A kale-eating contest is the healthy new way to make bank by stuffing your face

Do your friends often comment on how much kale you eat? Do you buy it in bulk at Costco? Do you pile leafy greens high on your plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Do you have one of those sweatshirts they sell at Whole Foods that says KALE in a collegiate font so you can flaunt your lifelong allegiance to your favorite super food?

If so, you might want to make your way to Buffalo, New York on Saturday, because the Taste of Buffalo Food Festival is holding a kale-eating contest aptly named “Kale Yeah!” Instead of hot dogs, contestants with bottomless stomachs will face down a giant mound of kale and see how much they can chow down on.

If you can eat more kale than anyone else in eight minutes, you’ll go home with $2,000 in prize money. Not to mention the personal satisfaction of knowing you have FAR exceeded your daily recommended levels of iron, niacin, and vitamin B6.

No word on what the contestants will use to wash it down, but we’re assuming something similarly healthy like kombucha?