There’s now a kale chocolate bar, so basically it’s a salad, right?

We’re all for exotic food mashups.  And when you combine two things so far apart in the food world, it’s really exciting. The California-based chocolatier Compartés has created a kale chocolate bar that combines your favorite super-foods, and we’re practically swooning.

The kale and dark chocolate bar is “Filled by hand with a mouthwatering combination of kale crisps, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. This healthy chocolate bar has no added sugars, just delicious fresh seeds and crispy kale chips covered in Compartés famous chocolate,” according to Compartés’ website.


Not only is this kale chocolate bar (sort of) healthy for you, it’s a totally vegan alternative to your regular chocolate choices.

You might be feeling a little skeptical about combining the leafy green with dark chocolate, and we were, too. But Compartés assures us it really is super yum. They told Forbes:

"Trust us, we only make delicious chocolates and these are up there with some of our favorites. We love creating unique recipes and introducing foods and flavors in new and exciting ways."

Maybe you like your chocolate a little less dark and little more creamy. If so, you’re in luck.  There’s also an avocado bar that blends the green veggie with white chocolate.

To get the exact right ratio of avocado to chocolate, “the Compartés team tried countless recipes (and avocados) to find the ‘best and most delicious combination possible of avocado and chocolate in a bar form,’” writes Forbes.


Compartés owner and chocolate mastermind Jonathon Graham explained:

"Dipping avocado slices in dark, milk and white chocolate helped tasters experiment with flavors, and led the chocolate makers to realize that cocoa muted avocado's subtle flavors and white chocolate was the way to go to accentuate the fruit's richness."

Although I wouldn’t have put these things together, it does seem like an inspired choice. Each bar will run you about $10 a piece, so eat them slowly and savor every bite.