Kaitlynn Carter follows Miley Cyrus’s lead with a new breakup tattoo that’s so darn pretty

Kaitlynn Carter joined Miley Cyrus on an Italian vacay in the wake of both women separating from their partners, Brody Jenner and Liam Hemsworth, respectively. Now, they both have new tattoos from the same ink artist. Cyrus hit up Dr. Woo and Daniel Winter to add to her extensive tattoo collection, and as of yesterday, September 11th, Carter also has new ink from Winter: a delicate rose on the back of her neck.

Could these tattoos, done by the same artist, mean that Carter and Cyrus are officially a thing? Or did Carter simply take inspiration from Cyrus’s handling of her breakup and got the ink to commemorate the silver lining of a bad situation? Realistically, we won’t know what the tattoo means (if it means anything at all) until Carter comes out and says it. What we do know, though, is that the line-drawing rose is so gorgeous.

When Winter posted the tat on his Instagram, he captioned it “SISTER ROSE,” and Carter commented, “the best of the best!”

Cryptic. We’re intrigued.

And before you speculate that Carter got the same tattoo Cyrus already has somewhere on her body, Cyrus reportedly only has one floral tat, and it’s of a sunflower, not a rose, as Refinery29 reports.

Cyrus’s two most recent tattoos are “1961” on her hand, and “My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free,” both of which she got from Winter on August 29th. The first honors her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, who was born in 1961. The second is a Pixies lyric that seems pertinent to her current relationship status.

We’re definitely going to keep our eyes peeled to see if Carter and Cyrus visit the tattoo shop yet again in the coming weeks and months. Although it’s all just speculation, tattoos can definitely mark the beginning and/or end of something great.

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