Kahl Drogo (aka, Jason Momoa) obsesses over Emilia Clarke in “Game of Thrones” again and is TOO ADORABLE

Pretty much every week, Jason Momoa (aka, the actor who played Daenerys Targaryen’s Dothraki husband in Season 1) takes to Instagram to root for his on-set wife, Emilia Clarke. And EVERY SINGLE TIME it makes our hearts burst. Including this week, when he instagrammed a still of Dany gave her inspirational Let’s Take Over the World speech to her newly acquired Dothraki army.

“I love watching the moon of my life Fuck shit up,” Momoa wrote. “Couldn’t have done it better baby so proud.”

Momoa also included a still of his namesake dragon, Drogon, saying, “Dear DROGON Wish we would have met. I think we have a lot in common,” which, like TRUE.

While Clarke has yet to officially reply (to our knowledge), she HAS shared some hilarious behind-the-scenes moments she’s shared with another Khal — Khal Moro (played by Joe Naufahu). Including that time they rapped to Tupac.

Keep the cuteness coming, Emilia and Jason! WE LIVE FOR IT.